Tumblr Username Department Role Location
silverbluemoon Head Staff Executive Producer, Creator, Chief Editor, Art Director Silicon Valley, CA, USA
rebelbyrdie Head Staff Head Writer, Master Storyteller  Johnson City, TN, USA
dalliance-amongst-the-stars Head Staff Head Illustrator Brighton, UK
calculaic Consultants and Specialists Creative Consultant, Characterization California, USA
rushemiiaah Consultants and Specialists Characterization Paris, France
asraiaysoph Consultants and Specialists Continuity and Consistency Florida, USA
queenofallswans Consultants and Specialists Continuity and Consistency Texas, USA
archaeomedic Consultants and Specialists Research & Development Assistant Syracuse, NY, USA
after-world-chronicles Staff Graphic Artist Cracow, Poland
anursingdegreeinfeelings Staff Graphic Artist Illinois, USA
austeniana Staff Graphic Artist / Graphic Designer SO, Mexico
boomboombooom Staff Graphic Artist Russia, RB
drag-oon23 Staff Graphic Artist California, USA
queenderien Staff Graphic Artist Québec, Canada
swanqueensails Staff Graphic Artist Nashville, TN
xxtorchxx Staff Graphic Artist Virginia, USA
donoterase Staff Promotions South Africa
artbyjoana Staff Illustrator Lisbon, Portugal
emclainable Staff Illustrator California, USA
konako Staff Illustrator Brazil
love-will-have-its-sacrifices Staff Illustrator Baguio, Philippines
napfreak Staff Illustrator Barcelona, Spain
thececilz Staff Illustrator  Florida, USA
notevildear-wicked Staff Editor Eerie, PA, USA
amy-tabby Staff Writer San Diego, CA, USA
highheelsandchocolate Staff Writer Los Angeles, CA, USA
hunnyfresh Staff Writer Toronto, ON, Canada
korderoo Staff Writer Wisconsin, USA
swanqueengranger Staff Writer Tennessee, USA