Q – What is a Virtual Series?

A – In general, there are two types of written Virtual internet shows; the most common is a Virtual Season. A Virtual Season is a continuation of a canon tv show, usually concentrating on a specific relationship, and usually starts after a canon TV show has ended (examples, The Otalia Virtual Season and Xena Virtual Season). A Virtual Series, like this is, differs in that it veers from the canon TV show at some point creating its own canon, focuses on continuing the entire show from that point forward (not specific to any pairing or relationship), and is sometimes written concurrently with a canon TV show. A Virtual Series contains Virtual Seasons. We have 4 seasons planned for ours.

The OUaT VS differs from a typical Virtual Series in that it will also be illustrated like a storybook and will have some other featured media content not usually associated with a Virtual Series or Season. The OUaT VS should really be thought of as an Alternative Universe to the canon TV show.

Q – In what ways is the OUaT Virtual Series different than the TV show?

A – The OUaT Virtual Series starts at the end of canon S2, meaning everything up until the end of S2 finale is grandfathered in. After the S2 finale, however, what we include and don’t include from canon will be what fits in our parallel OUaT universe. Some other basics: Swan Queen is guaranteed endgame, though no other couple is; The last scene with Mulan, Aurora, and Phillip finding Baelfire on the beach never happened; Ruby never left; and sexuality is assumed fluid for all characters.

The Virtual Series has no relationship with the show Once Upon a Time, is not for profit, and fan-created for our own amusement. All canon TV show characters, concepts, and plots are property of ABC; all original characters, plots and concepts belong to the OUaT Virtual Series. Interestingly, and most important, MOST characters from both the TV show and ours are based on characters that fall into the realm of public domain (ie. “the evil queen”, “prince charming”, etc. from fairy tales, myths, legends, and so forth).

Q – When did the OUaTVS series premiere?

A – July 11, 2014.

Q – How often will new episodes be posted?

A – Every 2-3 weeks on a Friday. A schedule will be placed on the website and the forums.


Q – Where can I find Seasons 1-2?

A – We use the OUaT TV show Seasons 1-2 as canon, with some minor exceptions: 1) Neal does not end up in The Enchanted Forest, and 2) Mulan and Ruby never left the show. So if you’ve watched the TV show through Season 2, you’re good to start the OUaT Virtual Series at Season 3.


Q – Will there be other queer couples apart from Swan Queen?

A – Without giving away specifics (no spoilers!!), our goal is to make this Virtual Series extremely inclusive of LGBT persons.

Q – How frequently will episodes premiere?

A – Our current production cycle estimates every three weeks, due to the fact that we have a busy staff with busy lives and a lot of material to produce. Everyone here is volunteering their time and energy and we all have families, school, etc, so a three week cycle generally works for us.

Q – Will the series focus around Emma and Regina?

A – No. While Swan Queen will be endgame, and we do believe OUaT was (supposed to be) the tale of how Emma and Regina forged their relationship, and all of the events surrounding that progression, we also believe it to be about all their friends and loved ones. Therefore, in the OUaTVS, all main characters are given contributing storylines and personal development arcs. There are also over-reaching seasonal, relationship, and endgame arcs for all the main characters.

Q – Will Pongo get a Love Interest this season?

A – Keep Watching. #nospoilers

Q – How can I stay up to date on the series’ progress?

A – Check out tumblr #ouatvs, the forums at: http://ouatvs.freeforums.org/, or sign up and follow/favorite/subscribe to OUaTVS (or any of our seasons) over at fanfiction.net or ao3 (archive of our own).

Q – Will we see other realms?

A – Expect to see both new and familiar places.

Q – Will [insert character name] be included? Will [insert character name] not be included?

A – Any character that has appeared on Once Upon A Time through its run is fair game along with characters we have not seen. There is no guarantee that every character will appear or that they will appear exactly as they did in the show, or that they will appear at all. Season Arcs for 3-6 have already been written, so seeing how it’s all intricately tied together, it can’t be changed. You’ll just have to enjoy us as is! AND WE HOPE YOU LOVE IT! (But if you don’t, let us hear about it!!)